Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What good is a QR code?

The first thing we should cover is how to create a QR code. The easiest, best, and FREE QR code creator is at the ZXing Project. This page allows you to add some extra information and to perform differnt actions. For instance, one QR code may be on your printed material to take people to a specific page on your website that contains a call to action. These are called “landing pages”. Another QR code could be on the back of your business card. This allows people to enter your contact information just by scanning the code. Yet another may be used on a real estate flyer box. You know the always empty flyer boxes!! Well now it doesn’t matter. Your prospective customer can just scan the QR code and be taken directly to the listing on your website where they can view the virtual tour right on their phone. This should eliminate some nuissance showings… LOL!

Looking at the ZXing Project site, there are many options under the contents drop down box. I recommend using the contact information selection. You can enter all your contact information, plus a web address, and a memo. You can create a new QR code for each property, or item you wish to highlight. Just change the URL to direct the customer to the correct page on your website to learn more about the property or item for sale. Make sure you have a good URL to direct them to. If you don’t understand a good URL leave me a comment and I will write about that too! As for the memo section of your QR code, Make sure you have a call to action. Something like “Click here to learn more about xxxx and get your 10% off coupon!” Something enticing so that people will come see you.

Once you hit the generate button, you will see the code pop up. Underneath it you will see a link to download, and a small piece of code for embedding this on a website. Use what you need and start using them today!!

Here is what I created: Scan it to see where it takes you! :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

To call or not to call

I've received a bunch of calls recently about whether or not you should call your leads or not. I know you all know how I feel about this, but I wanted to comment. Here is what this company is saying. They believe that you shouldn't chase leads (prospect). They believe that when a lead is ready to buy, they will be contacting you.

Here is the reality. There are certainly leads that will contact you when they are ready to buy as long as you have been sending them listings and what they are looking to buy. However, the question isn't those leads, it's the leads (money), that you have left on the table because you didn't make any calls. Simple answer. My Agents (who no longer receive leads) who didn't make calls would get 5-10 sales per year without lifting a finger. Yup, it's possible. However, my Agents that make calls sell 20-30 homes per year from leads. The numbers don't lie.

Let's look at another scenario. You are sending someone listings and never call. You never have any conversation except maybe an email or two. They are on another website, which they are always, and that agent calls and has a discussion with them about their home purchase and continues to follow up. Who do you think they are going to use when it comes time to buy?

In the end, those who give great customer service and follow up will always sell more homes than those who just wait for the leads to call you. I know it sounds never have to make a call and the sales just come pouring in. As long as you don't mind losing a ton of sales, I guess that's ok. Frankly, I spend much too much money on my Internet marketing, I'm not about to let them go if I don't have to.

Prospect your database, you have a gold mine sitting there, all you have to do is call!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When is the best time to call your leads?

We have tried several times during the days and evenings calling our leads to figure out the best time. We definitely talk to more people between 4pm and 7pm at night. The key of course is the contact.

I have seen so many Agents, mine included, who will call a lead once and then never call again. What a waste of a potential sale. One Agent said to me once, "if they don't call me back, they must not be really interested". Another said, "I'm not going to chase anyone to work with me, they should be happy that I'm going to work for them". I said, "REALLY?!"

The key to success in Real Estate, or any sales industry, is prospecting. This means picking up the phone and calling your leads. For those of us who have chosen the Internet path, this makes life very easy. You have a database, you have leads in your database, you are sending them listings, then call's a warm call and they will be happy you called! What a concept!

If you call someone during the day and it is a home number, then you need to call back at night. If you call and it's a cell phone during the day, you might need to call at night. Most people aren't Realtors and don't have access to their phones all day like we do. If you call at night and it's a work number, you need to call during the day. This isn't rocket science (I say that too much these days), but if you look at yourself in the mirror, are you doing it? Are you calling your leads more than once. I believe you should call and leave a message at least 3-4 times before you stop trying. Then, after a week or so if they are active in the system, call them again. Do we like to chase leads? Of course not, nobody does, but those who prospect (chase) sell more homes.

To see the report, go to:

Have a great day!