Thursday, July 28, 2011

Interesting stats

At the end of June I was asked a question which I didn't know the answer. I was asked what percentage of our closings are from the current year leads. Interesting I thought since I have never done that equation. Of course that made me have my stat girl, take a look at our 2011 sales through the end of June. Here are the stats:

48% of our sales came from leads from 2011
25% of our sales came from leads from 2010
27% of our sales came from leads from 2009 and earlier.

This isn't off from what I had thought they would be. In fact, it solidifies my belief that those Agents who stay in touch with their customers will have more sales. I know I'm always hounding everyone about the importance of building relationships, and this is the reason why. More than 50% of our sales come from leads that are 9 months or more old.

If you are complaining because business and bad and you are broke, pick up the phone and within a short time your life will change!

Call your leads!!!!!